Belly Dance Music
Atlantis - Ecstasy in Belly Dancing - Vol. 2
Music for the Consummate Belly Dance Artiste.

CD: Atlantis

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Middle-Eastern Soul
Belly dancing music with Aziz Khadra and Tony Ayad.

CD: CD11001

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Dream of Scheherazade
Turkish belly dance with John Bilezikjian and Louis Sayegh

CD: CD81001 Tape: C81001

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Ecstasy in Belly Dancing
Armenian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic and Persian music featuring John with Andy Chianis Orchestra

CD: CD21001 Tape: C21001

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La Danse Orientale
Arabic belly dance featuring John Bilezikjian with Aziz Khadra

CD: CD51001 Tape: C51001

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The Magic of John Bilezikjian

CD: CD1008A Tape: C1008A

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One Thousand And One Nights
Arabic belly dancing, Turkish classical featuring John Bilezikjian with Tony Ayad

CD: CD91001 Tape: C91001

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Persian and Turkish belly dance John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian

CD: CD31001 Tape: C31001

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The Tapestry of The Dance
Greek, Armenian, Turkish, Arabic Belly Dance featuring John Bilezikjian and Var Daghdevirian

CD: CD1010 Tape: C1010

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Soundtrack for the award winning movie "Pomegranate" composed and performed by John Bilezikjian features the Oud as the main instrument.

CD: Pomegranate

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